Thursday, May 12, 2011

Sunday Newspaper Deals

I am very sad to announce that after more than one phone call to The Oregonian I am still unable to get  a multiple subscription deal in our area.

In fact, they really don't even offer the Portland area a mutliple subscription deal. 

For now I will just be getting a couple Friday and Tuesday papers (Observer $.75 each from the box at FoodTown---or in any paper box around town) which is cheaper than the Sunday paper...the coupons are mostly the same.  I have couponed that way for a while (I would only get the Sunday paper when there were going to be a lot of extra inserts.) The cost for 4 Newspaper/week =$3.00 for the same as 2 Sunday papers. (The Oregonian is $2.50 for 1 )  So it is worth it (for now) to buy the Observer. I WILL NOT BE PURCHASING THE OREGONIAN AGAIN (UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY) MAYBE IF THEY ARE SELLING LESS PAPERS HERE IN UNION COUNTY THEY WILL RECONSIDER A MULTIPLE SUBSCRIPTION DEAL.

NOTE:  You can purchase the inserts in multiples (usually 5) from ebay---for about $1 an insert OR purchase the specific coupons (in multiples) for various $$$.  The store ads come out on Tuesday and if you order coupons or inserts ASAP you will usually have them delivered by the following Tuesday and can still take advantage of the sale. 

I will be working on some other options, in the meantime if you have any thoughts on this frustrating subject please let me know.
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