Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Rain Checks!!

Today when I was doing my weekly Monday shopping I noticed that a few of the good deals this week were out!  So glad to see that so many are catching the "coupon bug"!!

Just want to remind you to ask for a rain check for those items you want but the store is out of. Retailers are more than happy to offer a rain check and some places will even substitute.  (Rite Aid won't but Albertson's will) 

 Also, for items that you aren't looking for +UP rewards on (or using them on) price check at Walmart.  Recently, when Safeway was out of the free Nivea lip care (and I left the store without getting my RC) I price checked it at Wally and got it FREE.

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Brock and Emily Gibbons said...

I absolutely love our Rite Aid. There is a guy there that is so nice to me every time i go. I got a raincheck, but he also extended my coupons exp date because they were going to expire the next week. I was stoked!