Friday, May 13, 2011

Save $1 on Quattro® Razors

Save $1 on Quattro® Razors
Four blades for a smooth, comfortable shave
Facial hair is some of the toughest hair on the entire body.

Quattro® Titanium
The Schick® Quattro® Titanium - a stylish razor with 4 Titanium coated blades for a comfortable, smooth shave. An edging blade provides extra precision in harder to reach spaces, and an ergonomically designed handle gives added control.
  • Improved handle has a flat ergonomic design with ribbed rubber grip for increased stability, comfort and control
  • 4 titanium coated blades stay sharp to reduce irritation
  • 1 edging blade for exact precision in hard-to-reach places
Quattro® Titanium Trimmer
The Schick® Quattro® Titanium Trimmer is a 3 in 1 convenient shaving tool to shave, edge and trim your facial hair.
  • Adjustable 4-level trimmer helps create and maintain every look

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