Thursday, May 19, 2011


Did you watch last night???  I did..can't resist BUT I keep it in perspective.  This show does NOT always show couponing in the most realistic light. 

Iam writing this post to keep things real and to encourage those who are just starting out NOT to get discouraged because you aren't getting deals like you see on tv.  

*Have you ever noticed that they all say "THIS IS MY BIGGEST TRIP EVER"   and they all appear to get nervous at the check-out?
*They have spent days/weeks preparing for this trip for the show and sometimes I have noticed that the stores bend the rules a little for the sake of the show.  This is not how they typically shop.
*Some of the gals on there are also buying huge quantities that they have pre-ordered.  And when you get hundreds of boxes of $3.00 cereal for free it will make your total before the store sale and coupons extremely high.
*And don't forget to factor in $$$$ spent on newspapers, inserts and other coupons. 

You can Extreme Coupon and save 60-85% (sometimes even higher but let's be real here) when you combine sales and coupons (and doublers when we get 'em) BUT realistically speaking you are not going to walk away with $800 worth of product for $5...I WISH!

My last shopping trip was a total of $176.87 and I spent $66.99 (total for all stores) and came home with a $2 oyno from Albertsons with a  $2 +UP and $2 SCR from Rite Aid.  Yeah, I'm happy with that.

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jen jen said...

I am so glad you posted this! As a self proclaimed bargain shopper I do "stock up" when I find a really good deal, but this show kinda bugs me. When one has to take out an additional insurance policy to cover a stockpile or kick their husband out of his mancave to start a third stock pile room, it seems that the motivation is no longer about saving money, obtaining a year's supply, or meeting financial goals. You are so right, gotta keep in in perspective. 55 cans of "free" catfood that you couldn't resist when you don't even have a cat, or two shelves of diapers when you don't have children and are not expecting...hmmm.....I think if you are buying things at 95% off that you don't want or need, you are still paying 5% too much.

carol said...

Isn't that the truth! I couldn't agree more. And I realize some of the people on the show are donating to charity BUT what about the other customers who have taken the time to clip/get coupons for a product that their family ACTUALLY needs only to find the shelf empty because someone wiped it out...Oh I could go on, but I will save that for another post another time. =)