Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saving on Vet bills

Our 5 month old Great Dane puppy died this week from Parvo....a disease that can be prevented.  Now I bet you are thinking , "what does that have to do with couponing or saving money?"  My answer would be "Alot!!" You can lower the cost of caring for an animal without jeopardizing its care.

Taking care of a pet requires a bit of time, effort, and money.  Your first investment is in the purchase of your pet and the supplies for bringing it home.  You may even even spend money on registering your animal.  You will buy deworming medications and hopefully get shots either at the vet or do them yourself.  Of course, don't forget food, treats and toys.  Owning a pet is not cheap, but you can be frugal in how you spend money on it.

There are websites like 1-800 pet meds for pet meds and supplies or even pet insurance.  You may find going this route will save you money in the long run.  Looking on ebay or craigs list can help you find things like kennels or doghouses.  You can also build your own.

I had wanted a Great Dane puppy for ever!! Finally, I was able to convince the hubs to buy one from the neighbors whose Great Dane had just had a litter of 11.  Man-0-man were they cute!  After a few days of watching them, we chose one.  The biggest male of the bunch.  Anxiously we awaited until we could bring him home.  We had him named and our home ready to go and brought him home at 6 weeks. 

We made sure to have the right food in the correct amounts at the right times.  I went to our local feed store and bought worm pills and his shot.  And continued at the correct intervels.

He grew....
and grew! He appeared to be a healthy and happy dog and was a perfect match to our family!

I had not taken him to the vet yet.  I was waiting until he was 6 months and then would take him in for a check up and rabies.  This is also when it is time to license your dog.

We never made it to then.....he became very ill and there was nothing we could do for him.
To protect your pet, your family and your community:

1.  Be sure to vaccinate on schedule!  Or that they have received shots when you purchase them.

2.  Be sure to have a titer done after you have completed the vaccinations to be sure your pet is protected.  Feed store vaccines are not always as effective.

3.  Keep your pet at home until they've received the 1st 2 vaccines.

4.  Ask the breeder questions!!

5.  Take them to the vet immediately...not everyone is as honest as you.

Making sure your pet is protected from viruses and parasites IS insurance. If you spend a little money caring for your pet now you will be able to avoid costly delimas later on and unnecessary vet bills later.  This doesn't mean your animal won't get sick, but it will greatly reduce the chances.  I dewormed and vaccinated Sampson. If I'd had a titer done, I may have saved his life and my family an enormous vet bill.


Thanks for allowing my grieving heart a moment to share!

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Bridget said...

So sorry to hear about your puppy Carol. He was gorgeous and I know very well taken care of.

carol said...

Thanks Bridget! This was my first puppy and I have never lost a pet before. I learned ALOT!! Hopefully we'll be able to get another one in the future!