Sunday, June 17, 2012

~ FREE SHOPPING APP--Find the lowest price with Shopping Daisy ~


I love shopping online way more than actually stolling through a store. Gotta' use my Amazon gift cards you know. Yeah, call me crazy, but somehow I missed the shopping gene that most women seem to have.  My husband is grateful I'm sure.

However,  I like to make sure I get the best price and hottest deal.  Comparison shopping can take time no matter where you shop.  So when my friend Robyn introduced me to the free shopping software ShoppingDaisy I couldn't wait to try it. 

ShoppingDaisy is a free app for instantly finding the lowest price for any item you wish to purchase.

It works between your search and price comparison services spanning hundreds of millions of products and extending into travel, lodging, tickets, deep discounts, daily deals and more to bring you savings every time.

How does ShoppingDaisy work?
Simple. Just Click, Compare and Save. Get it now. It's Free. Click Here

It will ask for an activation code...use

And follow the prompts.

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