Thursday, April 19, 2012

~ Albertsons 4/18-4/24 ~


 Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $1.99/lb

 Albertsons Bone-In Split Chicken Breast $.97/lb wtih in-ad 3 day coupon Limit 2 pkgs

Pork Loin Assorted Chops or Pork Shoulder Country Style Ribs $1.99/lb

Albertsons Beef Loin Petite or Top Sirloin Steak $3.99/lb

Albertsons Beef Bottom Round Roast or Max Pak Steak $2.99/lb

Pork Spareribs $2.89/lb

Chuck Roast $3.99/lb

Dole Salad Blends $1.88 with in-ad coupon Limit 4 (Fri-Sun)

Albertsons Apple Juice $1.49 with in-ad coupon Limit 4  (Fri-Sun)

Albertsons Bone-In Split Chicken Breasts $.97/lb w/in-ad coupon Limit 2 pkgs (Fri-Sun)

Ken’s Steak House Salad Dressing $.99 with in-ad coupon Limit 2 (Fri-Sun)
Buy 2
Use with: $1/2 Ken’s Dressing, 9 oz 03/11 SS

Albertsons Ice Cream $2.50 with in-ad coupon Limit 4 (Fri-Sun)

Gatorade, G2, SoBE lifewater, or Lipton Naturals $.79 with in-ad coupon Limit 8 (Fri-Sun)

Pepsi Soft Drinks 20 pk $4.99 with in-ad coupon Must buy 2  (Fri-Sun)

Aquafina Water 24 pk $2.99 with in-ad coupon Limit 2

Weight Watchers Classics or Favorites Smart Ones $2.00
Buy 6
Use $1/5 Smart Ones Products printable coupon
or $3/6 Weigh Watchers Smart Ones Frozen Product All You, April 2012

 Hostess Bagged Donettes $1.99
Round up $0.50/1 Hostess Breakfast Product printable coupon

McCormick Grill Mates Spices $1.50
Round up $0.75/1 McCormick Spice, Herb, Extract or Food Color 03/25 RP

Snyder’s of Hanover Flavored Pieces or Pretzel Sandwiches $3.00
Buy 2
Use $1/2 Snyder’s of Hanover Flavored Pretzel Pieces or Pretzel Sandwiches 02/26 SS

Pringles Super Stack $1.50
Buy 4
Use $1/4 Pringles Super Stack Cans 03/18 RP
Final= $1.25

Hershey’s Pieces or Drops $3.00
Buy 2
Use $1/2 Hershey’s Drops, Rolo Minis, Reese’s Minis or Pieces

Pasta Prima Sause or Pasta $3.50
Use $1.50/1 Pasta Prima Ravioli or Tortellini, 8 or 16 oz

Birds Eye C&W Vegetables or Steamfresh Blends $2.00
Buy 2
Round up $0.50/2 Birds Eye Steamfresh Varieties 04/01 SS
or $0.50/2 Birds Eye C&W Varieties 04/01 SS

Buy 2, Get 1 Free on select products throughout the store. Free item must be of equal or lesser value of the same like item. First price indicates actual price, second price reflects resulting savings from FREE item, assuming a purchase of 3 like items.

7-Up, Sun Drop or Sunkist $1.50/$1.00

Rice-A-Roni $1.49/$.99

Lawry’s Marinade $$1.49/$.99

Best Foods Mayonaise $3.89/$2.59
Round up $0.25/1 Best Foods Products (16.5 oz+) 03/25 RP
or use $1/2 Hellman’s or Best Foods Products, 16.5 oz

Bumble Bee Solid White Tuna $2.30/$1.53

Essential Everyday Instant Rice $2.60/$1.73

Dole Fruit Crisps $2.49/$1.66

StarKist Chunk Light Tuna $3.09/$2.06

McCormick Grill Mates Marinade $1.49/$.99

Frank’s Original Hot Sauce $1.49/$.99

Nissin Big Cups $.69/$.46
Buy 3
Use $1/3 Nissin Big Cup Noodles 3/18 SS

Wolfgang Puck Pasta Sauce $2.99/$1.99

Lindsay Ripe Olives $1.70/$1.13

Heinz Dip & Squeeze Ketchup $2.30/$1.53

Stouffer’s Farmers Harvest Steam Meals $3.90/$2.60
Buy 2
Use $1.10/2 Stouffer’s Farmers’ Harvest Entrees

Francesco Rinaldi Pasta Sauce $2.49/$1.66

Healthy Choice Soup $1.50/$.99

Pasta Ronzoni or American Beauty Pasta $1.50/$1.00

Peter Pan Peanut Butter $3.00/$2.00

Mom’s Best Naturals $3.00/$2.00
Round up $0.75/2 Mom’s Best Naturals Product

Cascade Sparkling Ice $1.00/$.67

Glaceau vitaminwater $4.49/$2.99

Healthy Choice Fresh Mixers $2.99/$1.99

Dannon Activia $3.00/$2.00

Del Monte or S&W Tomatoes $1.79/$1.19

Essential Everyday Pizza $3.99/$2.66

Old Orchard Very Cherre $5.00/$3.33
Use $1/1 Very Cherre Tart Cherry Juice or Juice Blend
or $1/1 Very Cherre Tart Cherry Juice or Juice Blend
Final= $2.33

Lean Cuisine Market Collection $4.50/$3.00

Margaritaville Shrimp $6.99/$4.66

Gevalia Coffee $8.00/$5.33

Kraft Sizzling Salad Dinner Kit $3.50/$2.33

Bakery Fresh Donut Holes $2.49/$1.66

Orville Redenbacher’s Microwave Popcorn $3.00/$2.00

Kraft Mac & Cheese, Premium and Shapes $1.50/$.99

Nestle Drumstick Ice Cream Cones $5.19/$3.46

Poppycock Popcorn $3.75/$2.50

Van Camp’s Pork and Beans $2.00/$1.33

Tyson Seasoned Steak or Chicken Strips $2.99/$1.99

Starburst, Skittles, or Life savers Bag $3.29/$2.19

Essentail Everday Toaster Pastries $2.49/$1.66

Teddy’s Soft Drinks $1.00/$.67

Welch’s 100% Grape Juice $5.30/$3.53

Hershey’s Chocolate Milk or Shake $1.59/$1.06

Simple Minute Made or Gold Peak Singles $1.70/$1.13
Round up $0.75/1 Gold Peak Tea, 18.5 oz
Final= as low as $.13

Langers Juice Cocktail Blend $3.90/$2.60

Save $5.00 on your next shopping trip wyb 5 participating Kraft Cheese, Oscar Mayer, or Claussen products in a single transaction. First price indicates actual price, second price reflects resulting $5.00 savings.

Oscar Mayer $2.99/$1.99

Oscar Mayer Beef Bologna, Ham Lunchmeat, Kraft Grated Parmesan Cheese $3.99/$2.99

Oscar Mayer Angus and Beef Hot Dogs $4.99/$3.99

Kraft Natural Cheese Slices, Claussen Pickles, or Oscar Mayer Carving Board or Deli Fresh

Shaved Lunchmeat $3.99/$2.99

Oscar Mayer Bologna or Cotto Salami, Oscar Mayer Hot Dogs, Kraft Cheese Singles $2.99/$1.99

Oscar Mayer Bacon $5.99/$4.99

Kraft Chunk or Shredded Cheese or Philly Cooking Creme $2.99/$1.99

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