Thursday, August 11, 2011

Home Security

Having a good stockpile of hygiene and food products, as well as money set aside for emergencies, makes me feel very secure for when those unplanned or unexpected moments in life happen.  In that department,  I have no worries. 

I live in a very quiet area,  in a small town, where you know all your neighbors by name and give no thought to leaving doors unlocked and windows open.  I let the kids play pretty much the length of our street where there is little or no traffic and they can hear me call at any moment.  And for those who aren't familiar with Elgin, Oregon....this town is so small there isn't even a stop light.  The thought of this cozy little "Mayberry"  has made me feel secure....until recently.  There have been several homes broken into, cars broken into, drugs right around the corner and I found out recently several sex offenders live in town.  So much for security.....right?!?!?  Who would've thought??  So we decided to install an alarm system from a very reputable company out of Utah.

For agreeing to post a sign with their name and logo we were able to recieve free installation, free equipment,  and the activation fee waived.  The cost is minimal  (as low as $30/month) and you can be linked directly to police, fire (eventhough  the hubs is on the volunteer FD), and ambulance. 

With small children at home and  a husband who works graveyard, adding this has made me feel a bit more safe.

Check out vivant here

I'm not being paid to endorse this company by this post....I simply like to share things worth sharing.
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