Thursday, June 30, 2011

Rumors and rumors of rumors.......

Today I am seeing and reading a lot of information regarding the TTV's from Albertsons.  Rumor has it that they willl no longer be passing them out from Customer Service and they only way to get them is in the Sunday paper.  HMMM....Union County doesn't get them in our Sunday paper.  We get them at the check out.  So how will this affect us?  I sent a message on Albertsons FB page as they are great about answering comments on there.  The response I got was that they are currently evaluating and ironing out the wrinkles as we speak. 

We couponed at Albertsons long before the doublers.  We shall continue to coupon, but until I see it this change in writing from Albertsons themselves I will leave the guessing to those who wish to spend time and energy on such things.....I would rather use my time to clip coupons, post on this blog and make my shopping list.

POST EDIT:  Just got this email
Albertsons has made it official regarding the change to Twice the Value coupons being at customer service counters. Here’s what they have released in an e-mail:
As I’m sure you’ve seen on our Facebook page, we’re currently reevaluating the way we share coupons with our shoppers. We’re really excited that so many shoppers are enthusiastic about our Twice the Value coupons at certain Albertsons IMW locations, and we’ve seen a significant increase in shoppers who are using them.
Unfortunately, we’ve seen many people taking advantage of this special offer, so we’ve decided to stop providing extra inserts at our store locations. As of July 17th, the only way to have access to the promotional inserts that include our Twice the Value coupons will be to purchase a Sunday newspaper. I want to make it clear that we’re still offering and honoring our Twice the Value coupons, but to limit the number of shoppers who are using more than three in any given shopping trip we will not have extra coupons at our store locations.
Our stores in Montana and Wyoming have a historically low redemption rate of our special Twice the Value coupons, so in these specific markets we’ve decided discontinue offering our special savings inserts in Sunday newspapers as well. Since shoppers in these stores don’t appear to be finding value in these coupons, we’ve decided to use this as an opportunity to try new ways to share savings and value with our customers.

So changes are definitely happening....but I'm sure there will be more details for places that don't offer the doublers in the Sunday paper.
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